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This site was spawned by a couple of fantasy sports fanatics who realized that their competition had some pretty pathetic team names. Team names are your chance to distinguish yourself from your competition. Take this opportunity to show your creativeness, affection, and/or hatred for one thing or another. But the key is to be original.

No one likes playing against "The Warriors" or "SkullCrushers". In addition, any team name beginning with your first name followed by a sports mascot is not worth using. For example, "Patty's Patriots" is a sore ass way to show your man love for Mr. Bundchen and Jedi Belichick. Your name should NEVER be part of your team name.

Another pitfall owners are guilty of is recycling. I don't care how great your team name was last year: New year = new team = new name. The one exception to this rule is "adapting" your dynasty/keeper league team name each year to a new set of circumstances. For example, our late great buddy Lars' team name "The Anazasi" has transformed into "The Return of the Anazasi" and "Official Breakfast Cereal of the Anazasi". Acceptable. Not great, but acceptable.

And last but not least, don't tell everyone else in your league that they are a bunch of knobs. We all know they are, but your team name shouldn't be "Your Team Sucks", "I'm the best", or even "The Asskickers". Unless you have a really funny story about why you kicked or got your ass kicked, don't do it.

And don't even get us started with logos. If your logo is something on a helmet - you should be permanently banned from your league. Find something, anything besides a skull with the words "F*ck" below it. There are ways to gain respect in fantasy leagues: pull off a blockbuster trade, smack down all competitors, draft longshot rookies that work out, and post quality logos that enhance your team name. So have a look around, and remember: Losing money every year in fantasy leagues is fun...and no one likes an unoriginal bastard!